Tuesday, May 31, 2011


NGXH 37333-X
Carrington Yards
NGXH's 37333-X, 37332-W, 37331-N in AWB blue livery, NGXH's 37133-X, 37132-R & 37131-W stabled in the yards
Brad Coulter
NGPF 36041-X
Varley Engineering's Storage Yard Carrington
Goninan built NGPF wagon stored without bogies on the ground between 2 other unidentified NGPF's. This hopper most likely 1 of the hoppers involved in the Whittingham derailment and is stored pending repairs.
Brad Coulter
NGPF 36076-X
Varley Engineering's Storage Yard Carrington
This NGPF also stored minus bogies on the ground next to an NGDX, these 2 hoppers are stored at right angles to the other stored wagons on the site.
Brad Coulter

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